What is energy medicine? 

Energy medicine, also called healing, is one among many ways to make people feel good.

It is neither healthcare, therapy or meant to replace any of the already existing methods that most of us are used to.

We use healthcare to treat our bodies, therapy to treat our minds and emotions.

Energy medicine on the other hand is what we use to treat our souls- that which is our true essence and our whole being. In a energy medicine treatment we go deeper than we think is possible and opens up the possibilites for healing on all levels: physically, mentally and soulfully.

 It's all about the energies

I'm sure you've sometime felt a ”bad” energy or vibe when entering a room, in the same way you can feel either filled or drained of energy when meeting certain people, or be affected by all kinds of moods either portrayed on film or from those around you.

This is an example of more ”fluent” energies at play and that you also are capable of percieving.

Everything around us is made of energy and that means EVERYTHING. Even thoughts, emotions and memories are energies.

An established fact in modern society is that energy is transformable. Which means that also thoughts, emotions and memories are transformable.

Energy medicine is about transforming heavy energy inside you into light energy.

It's not about fixing something that is broken, because a human is never broken and energies are never actually negative or hurtful.

It's all about our experience and perception of those energies - and THAT is something we can always change!

 What can energy medicine do for you? 

All living beings consist of 4 layers:

✢ Body




Most of us work almost exclusively with the innermost layers BODY and MINDS, by for example doing mental exercises or go to the doctor.

But an overlooked layer that is within us all is the THE SOUL and it effects us just as much the other ones (if not even more).

It is also there all the heaviness from our lives get stuck. If you've experienced trauma in either this life or past lives, wounds will be created in your soul.

Even if you work at taking away the mark of the trauma on a physical or mental level, it will never fully leave if you do not also cleanse it in the soul. To do that can be difficult by your own. And that is where energy medicine comes into the picture!

When I work with energy medicine I work in SPIRIT (a layer that everyone has, but maybe not the knowledge that one has access to it and how to fully use it) and dissolves blockages in the soul which also leads to physical, mental and emotional blockages to be dissolved as well.

Energy medicine can do everything from making us more energetic and more relaxed to rid ourselves from deep trauma - from both this life and all others (as well as healing both past and present generations in our family).

If all this sounds completely amazing, that is because it truly is - AND truly works.

To receive energy medicine is to finally return home to yourself and to give yourself an invaluable gift that lasts for several lifetimes.

Not sure what to pick?

Give me a brief explanation of your situation/what you want help with and I can recommend what I think will suit you best.


Linn Fjällmo Vestin